About Us

Established in 1988, Natural Fruits & Drinks Pte Ltd (NFD) had the humble beginnings of a small Singaporean company. Started from a fruit stall in the heartland, Water Chestnut and Calamansi Juice were the first drink products to be produced. Made fresh daily from fruits with a special blend of ingredients, these two products soon gained popularity amongst customers. Success, brought about from the refinement of producing and marketing these two popular drinks, has allowed NFD to emerge from a small fruit stall to a major drinks supplier. NFD has come a long way from the good old days of hand-made drinks. Through the years, NFD has perfected the methods behind the production of thirst quenching, great tasting and high quality drinks.The significant expansion during 1995 where beverages industry start to expand, NDF took this opportunity to produce different variety of drinks products to cater a larger consumption needs.

NDF grew from a small factory of 3600sqft to a capacity of over 21 000sqft. With production in Malaysia and headquarter in Singapore, we now form the heart of fully integrated operations, to increase production and monitor quality control in every aspect.

In the year 2005, EveryDay was registered as a trademark of Natural Fruits & Drinks Pte Ltd. Through our enduring commitment to developing quality yet reasonable priced drinks; we have become a respected and reputable brand among local industry.

With the strong belief to become a well known brand in Asia. EveryDay’s flagship products, the Water Chestnut drink and Calamansi Juice are thirst quenching and are also the preferred fruit juices amongst customers.

With more than 40 years of beverages and products launch in the market and more coming up, we are able to provide consumers with more choices to choose from. These products are currently supplied to major food courts, hospitals, cafes and restaurants in Singapore.

Over the years, NFD has fervently kept our drinks at the best quality which consistently expanding our market reach. We believe in bringing consumer with nothing but the best and strive to reach out to the Asian market in coming years.