Soy Pudding Original(香滑冷豆花)

 :Organic Soy Powder,Creamer,Sugar and Instant Jelly Powder 
成份 : 有机大豆粉,奶精,糖和即时果冻粉

  • No Preservative Added
  • Derived from Organic Soy Powder
  • No Colouring Added

Mixing instruction 作法 煮滚4.7公升水,倒入1KG豆粉。需不停搅拌,用中火煮滚。 Instruction Boil 4.7litre of water and pour 1kg soy pudding powder into it,keep stirring to cook over medium heat until bubbles start showing up around the edges.  Contact us today to find out more

Video Instruction :   Soyummi Soy Pudding (Click Here to know more )