3 in 1 Dessert Trial Pack

Each pack will be contain:
Matcha Soya Pudding Premix/抹茶豆花布丁粉 ** 1 x 100g
Soya Pudding Premix/豆花布丁粉 ** 1 x 100g
Osmanthus Jelly Premix/桂花果冻粉 ** 1 x 50g


Matcha Soya Pudding Premix: Sugar, Organic Soya Powder, Non-Dairy, Matcha Powder, Jelly Powder and Maltodextrin.
Soya Pudding Premix: Organic Soy Powder,Creamer,Sugar and Instant Jelly Powder
Osmanthus Jelly Premix: Sugar, Jelly Powder and Osmanthus Flower

3 in 1 Dessert Trial Pack


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