Soya Pudding Premix + Osmanthus Bundle

No Preservative & Colouring Added 

Ingredients: Organic Soya Powder, Sugar, Non-Dairy Creamer, Jelly Powder and Maltodextrin

Recommended Instruction : 

  1. Add Soya Pudding Premix gradually to 4.7 litres of boiling water. Stir until premix fully dissolved under boiling condition.
  2. Remove flame and remove excess bubbles with a spoon.
  3. Filter with filter mesh before pouring into serving bowl.
  4. Wait for the mixture to cool and set. Recommend to chill before serving

Packing Size :

1 Kg /Bag




Ingredients: Sugar, Jelly Powder and Osmanthus Flower.    

Packing detail: 500g/foil bag

Serving Instruction: 500g of Osmanthus Jelly Premix with 3.5 litres of water.

Soya Pudding Premix + Osmanthus Bundle

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