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Do you accept commissions?

I only sell complete sabers.

How much is a Graflex Saber?

A Graflex Saber with the Metal Master chassis is 4,500 € - 5,500 €

The price for a Saber depends on two things:
Material costs and working hours.

I charge 35€ per working hour.

A Metal Master Graflex Saber needs approximately 100 working hours.
Material costs for a complete Metal Master Saber are 1000€ to 1700€.

I am sensitive to adjusting prices and am aware that this is never easy on customers. However, I do need to make sure that my prices reflect the true cost of doing business and allow me to further invest and innovate in my business.

Where do you ship?

I am selling my sabers to everyone on this planet.

How can I order a Saber?

There are two options for getting a mb-sabers chassis/saber:

1. You can buy a saber when a saber is listed for sale.
Each saber for sale will be announced early by newsletter.
The first person who then contacts me, is the new owner.
A normal order is not possible. I only can build and sell one saber per month.

2. You can buy the parts and build the chassis/saber by your self.
For more informations go to https://www.mb-sabers.com/3d-chassis

Are mb-Sabers for duelling?

The saber and the chassis construction is very solid, but I sell this saber only as collector's item. It is not a toy.
No warranty is given for damages that occur due to the following reasons:
Unsuitable or improper usage, duelling, faulty handling and blade mounting by the orderer or a third party, natural wear, faulty or negligent handling in particular excessive load, unsuitable blade, batteries and charger.

How can I build the Graflex Saber by my self?

If you want to build the saber by your self please go to:
There are informations and manuals for mb-Sabers chassis.
All parts for a mb-Sabers chassis can be purchased here: