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Sales & Operation Executive 

Roles & Responsibilities

1. Role Description

  • The talented, self-motivated and hands on Sales & Operation Executive will have:

2. Specific Responsibilities

Individual to be involved in:

  • Clear about company's mission, vision and values.

  • Understand of job responsibilities and company's required expectation.

  • Familiar of company products, services and current business development.

  • Knowledge in key government ministry guidelines and regulation in new and existing beverage and related products.

  • Equip skill and knowledge to identify and gather market information through government and corporate statistics.

  • Understand on how Research and Development process is done which involves multiple sensory testing and accredited lab testing.

  • Learnt standard reporting skill presentation in excel and PowerPoint slides to GM on a timely manner, depending on sales project timeline.

  • Identify strategies to follow up with clients and deal closing.

  • Have clear understanding of daily operations process flow from internal operations and logistic/scheduling know-how.

  • Learn to draft timeline, identify time management in OEM projects and forecast sale projects lead by the General Manager.

  • Learn effective communication through virtual and physical communication and communication with manufacturer and clients.


3. Competencies

  • To involve in understanding the Company Structure, Job responsibilities and company products

  • Understand and identify the key process in implementing new products development and improvements in existing products

  • Identify and understand key SOP and processes in handling corporate sales enquires and follow up

  • To understand local daily operations

  • Site co-ordination works / project management

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