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Beverage Supplier and Distributor in Singapore

One-Stop Beverages Supplier in Singapore

With 30 years of manufacturing experience, Natural Fruits and Drinks is Singapore’s beverage supplier and distributor that has undergone a process of expansion since its humble beginning. Started off as a beverage supplier that offer unique drinks, NFD has since pursued further development since its first emergence, continuing to produce more suitable beverages aside from its well-acclaimed and well-received flagship beverages that championed a number of consumers locally. NFD aims to be a one-stop beverage supplier in Singapore that only serves fine-quality refreshing fruit drinks and beverage premixes in the country.




A one-stop beverage supplier for Quality and Affordable Concentrated Juices Fruit-Flavoured Cordial and premixes.

To be the leading manufacturer and beverages supplier in Singapore and the region through carefully monitored service quality and product standard



1987 - 1997   

The First 10 years

  • Incorporation of Natural Fruits & Drinks Pte Ltd (NFD).

  • Incorporation of NDF in Johor, Malaysia, production arm of NFD

  • Implementation operation of NDF’s Research & Development Department

  • Expansion of NDF’s production Facility in Johor

1998 - 2008

Streamline & Expand

  • EveryDay® registered as trademark of NFD

  • Integration of ONE-STOP Operation

  • Introduction of OEM Businesses

  • Appointment of Indonesia Distributor


2009 - 2017


  • New business unit for Supply and Service of Juice Dispenser

  • Logistic and supply chain operation for OEM Businesses

  • Production and Distribution of Premix Products

  • More than 40 types of beverages and products launched

2018 onwards

Innovation, Research and Development

  • Research and Development with Long Shelf Life Fresh Juice using High Pressure Processing Technology (HPP)

  • Expanding on export market

  • Expand on B2C industry

Awards & Certification

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