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Original Equipment Manufacture & Original Design Manufacture OEM & ODM

With over 30 years experience as an OEM coffee manufacturer, NFD provides a comprehensive contract packing service which includes knowledge and expertise from our Marketing & Branding department, R&D technologist and Production team.

A one stop service, from formulation of juice concentrate/ flavoured cordial, premix coffee, design, manufacturing to delivery, we help clients to ensure maximum savings on facilities and labour cost while creating a channel for you to expand your marketing channel to more target groups.

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Premixed OEM Coffee Manufacturer​

​Range of Coffee product with skimmed milk that is trans fat free and cholesterol free for health-conscious coffee sipper

Coffee product with skimmed milk.jpg

Juice Concentrate/Flavoured Cordial OEM Beverage Manufacturer

NFD as OEM Beverage manufacturer for Fruit King Cordial

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OEM and ODM Local Delivery Services
Dispenser Installation and Maintenance Services
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