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Become a beverage wholesale drink supplier

Become An Authorized Natural Fruits & Drinks Distributor for the Leading Wholesale Drinks Supplier in Singapore Today! 

We are excited to offer you an opportunity to build a strong and profitable relationship with Natural Fruits & Drinks Pte Ltd, the leading specialist among wholesale beverage suppliers in Singapore. Offering a comprehensive line of beverages in wholesale manufactured to strict quality standards using the best ingredients for juice/cordial concentrate, Premixes and OEM/ODM services for municipal and industrial customers, we are the wholesale drinks supplier you can depend on for a stable business.

Why Register Your Interest? 

No matter if you are considering joining us or just getting started, let us offer you a quick view of some of the benefits and resources available to you to accelerate your success should you plan to get us as your wholesale drinks supplier in Singapore.

Brand Power

We've been in the market for the past 35 years. Customers know and trust our name and our products among wholesale beverage suppliers, for quality and reliability.

Leading Proprietary Products

As a long-time wholesale drink supplier, NFD has a broad portfolio of products available for any market/application to meet all your customers' quality needs. Some of our popular beverages for wholesale purchase are Pure Juice, Juice Concentrate, Cordial Concentrate, Premixes, OEM/ODM services, and many more.

Our edge among other wholesale beverage suppliers is the quality of our products that ensures high-profit margin yields, without compromising the quality of the taste and services. 

Distributor Support

As an authorized NFD Distributor you will have access to marketing materials, including leaflets, brochures and the 'Distributor Download' section where you will be able to find product pictures, logos and various materials to help you promote your beverage wholesale business.

Sales & Technical Training

Empowering our distritors is one of our priorities as a wholesale drinks supplier. Authorized NFD Distributors have access to comprehensive sales, business and technical training through our distributor development team. They provide the knowledge and skills you need to achieve a higher level of professionalism and success within the industry.

Fill out the information below and we will be in touch with you soon.

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