Juice Dispenser Series

one bowl_edited.jpg

D15 Series - Single Bowl

D25 Series - Double Bowl

3 bowl.jpg

D35 Series - Triple Bowl

Why Juice Dispenser- Think Benefit

Increase sales to expand market Out of 10 coffee shop, 7-8 requested for juice dispenser service. Time Saving Mixed juice and water automatically Hygiene Served juice hygienically, especially at large buffets and public Quality Control Juice Dispenser provide consistent temperature & taste Ease of Cleaning You only have to clean the container without any bulky stuff

Juice Dispenser Servicing & Maintenance

With vast experience on beverage dispenser, our dedicate technician team covers: On-site Services -Preventive Maintenance (PM) -Corrective Maintenance (CM) -Install/Remove/Relocate/Swap (IRRS) Our Warehouse Service -SOP of in-house technical services and repair services Refill of Dispenser's air-con gas Parts Change Consultation Detail Breakdown Cost At Reasonable Rate